Happy Halloween!

Thank you so much for attending our Halloween Cat Walk! Hope you enjoyed it as much as our little kiddos did!

This week, we reviewed Halloween and welcomed November.

Physical Development was super fun! The caterpillars tried on a few costumes like cowboy, ghost, witch, and ballerina. They danced to songs like “Knock Knock, Trick or Treat”, “Five Creepy Spiders” and “Thriller”.

During Creativity, we finished our candy corn pot topped with marshmallows and a chocolate bat. Also, we made Jack-o-Lanterns out of half an apple print with orange paint. We painted faces based on feelings over the Jack-o-Lanterns, such as happy, surprised, sad, angry and sleepy.

Next week, we will begin the month with food topics, like fruits and vegetables. Later, we will be learning about Thanksgiving.

Have an amazing weekend!

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