Happy Easter!

This week our little ones learned new vocabulary words related to Easter, such as: “Easter egg”, “Easter bunny” and “parade”.

Mr. Mike showed the kiddos an Easter bunny during Circle Time. The Easter bunny gave each one a big lovely hug. He also showed us a video from past years of the Easter Parade, so the kiddos could get familiar with this dynamic.

During Creativity, we made more Easter bunnies using golf balls and paint. They really love this activity.

Physical Development was great! The caterpillars really enjoyed hopping on hula-hoops like bunnies. They also wore bunny ears while doing this and loved using shaky eggs during the song Chicken Dance. 

Thank you for attending our Easter Parade. Everyone brought lovely decorated vehicles and enjoyed the fun games outside! Thank you, parents for all your efforts in helping your kids decorate. They all looked amazing!

Enjoy your Easter break!

Classes will resume on Monday, April 29th.

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