Happy Children’s Day!

Today was all about having lots and lots of fun! We had a little party to celebrate the joy of Toddler Tree kinder… your kids! To celebrate this special day we had fun activities planned for them like “swat the fly”, water & sand tables, hitting a piñata and making a mud pie with gummy worms. Children had so much fun! we had a nice picnic outside, a Zumba class with Miss Mely and a yummy cupcake afterwards. It’s truly a privilege to watch those happy faces, enjoying themselves and having a blast.

This week was our last with the insects theme, turtles enjoyed playing with a creepy crawlies sensory box, role playing as butterflies and marching as ants. In our Creativity class with Miss Cristy, Turtles made an “insect garden” poster, they really enjoy pointing at the insects and naming them. We’ll be sending these home on Monday. Next week it’s going to be all about the jungle!

Remember that tomorrow there’s no classes! Classes resume on Monday May 2, 2016.

Have a nice long weekend!

Miss Judy and Miss Karen

Books we loved this week:”Ten little ladybugs”/ “Butterfly Kiss”/ The Ant and the Grasshopper”/

Movies of the week: “Antz”/ “Bugs”/

Vocabulary words: Ladybug- Grasshopper-Cricket/ Caterpillar – Butterfly/ Ants- Anthill/ Children’s Day Party: Creepy Crawlies

Next week vocabulary words: Jungle- Monkey/ Elephant/ Giraffe/ Lion/ Zebra.

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