Halloween Week!

This week was such a fun experience for the Terrific Tigers! They really enjoyed dancing to all the Halloween songs like “The Scarecrow”, “Dem Bones”, “Happy Halloween”, ” Witch Doctor”,  and “Witches`Brew.”  During Physical Education they danced and used hula hoops, pon-poms, tamborines, and even dressed up in different costumes!

Our students also had a blast working on a pumpkin in Creativity Class.

Mr. Mike´s Circle Time was a favorite this week, as usual. The kids enjoyed dancing and role playing as goblins, ghosts, and spiders. They also love getting spooked!

Stories read to them this week included Pumpkin Faces, It´s Pumpkin Time, Halloween Treats, What is Halloween?, Trick or Treat Dora, and The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever. They really enjoyed listening to these Halloween stories.

We practiced walking slowly and carefully for our parade on Thursday  and they were really excited about this important event.  Most of them were able to let us know what costume they would wear for this special day at school!

Finally, we had our Haunted Wonderland Parade and Halloween Party on Thursday.  It was wonderful to see all the kids dressed up and sharing candy with each other. The candy give-away made for a great sharing exercise.

It was very nice to see all the parents who were able to make it to the costume parade.  We even saw some of our students´ grandparents, too! All the kids were excited, and were able to walk  through the “haunted house”  and get some great pictures.

We want to give a special thanks to the parents who helped out with food and beverages this year. Also, a big thank you to ALL of you parents who dressed their child up for the party. Great job! Your kids all looked adorable! (more than usual).

Our Mystery Bag activity continues to be such an excitment for our kids and we really appreciate your helping your child in bringing something special from home when it is her/his turn!

November is almost here here and we are ready to learn more about sharing and caring, about food, and of course,  about being appreciative and giving thanks.

Once the weather changes and your kids start bringing sweaters to school, it is very important for them to have their names on them so they will not get missplaced at the end of the day.

We will be having our parent-teacher conference next week. You will be receiving an e-mail letting you know the date and time for your 20 minute appointment. We appreciate your punctuality that day!

We hope you have a fun and wonderful weekend, and are looking forward to welcoming your little ones to school again on Monday!



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