Halloween Mood Is On!

Halloween is coming!! This is why, during the week, we learned more about Halloween, with topics such as: Jack-O’-Lantern, Ghosts, Haunted Houses, and Witches.

The Tiny Turtles were quick to learn about Halloween since we have been reading Halloween books, and working on activities related to the topic.

We were hid toys inside some pumpkins during Exploration, we danced the Halloween Freeze Dance during Physical Development, and of course we made different crafts related to Halloween during Creativity Time by gluing paper and making using different shapes.

They also practiced their fine motor skills making pumpkin prints during art! We cut apples in half and with orange paint they made pumpkin prints. We also reviewed the feelings by making those pumpkins happy, sad and angry.

Some of the books we read to them this week included titles such as: “Plumply Dumply Pumpkin” and “The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever”. It’s wonderful to see how much they like Story Time.

As you can see, the Turtles are enjoying all the fun activities prepared for them everyday!

Have a great weekend!

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