Halloween is near!

Our Terrific Tigers are in full Halloween swing! They have been excited learning about Halloween vocabulary words and making nice and fun activities. We started this week making teeny tiny ghosts using lollipops and coffee filters to role-play along with our book about the Teeny Tiny Ghost. They love to role-play!

Halloween vocabulary words include cat, witch, ghost, spider, pumpkin, jack-o-lantern, haunted house, costumes and make-up.

Creativity Class is one of their favorites and this week they were quite busy: they made a pumpkin stamps using apple prints. They also made mummies using masking tape on black cardboard paper! Miss Maggie and I cut out a mummy shape and then we pasted eyes on it! Last but not least, they also made a skeleton using their hands prints to make the skeletons white body and added q-tips to represent the bones!

Physical Education included lots of Halloween music for them to move, like The Witch Doctor, The Adam´s Family Song, I´m a Witch, Go Away! Song, using colored fabrics, hula-hoops, balls, maracas and shakers!

Story time was interesting for them since they were able to relate to these words learned during the week. Books such as  Mrs. Broom, The Teeny Tiny Ghost, Spiders, Spiders, everywhere, The Most Haunted House, & Halloween were read to them.

Our leaders for this week enjoyed bringing something from home to show and share with their classmates.

We are really looking forward in having our Cat Walk Parade next week. Please have your child come to school on Tuesday, the 31st with a costume! 🙂


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