Halloween is near!

Our Terrific Tigers are in full Halloween swing! They have been excited learning about Halloween vocabulary words and making nice and fun activities. We started this week with a big stir of Witches’ brew, singing a song and pretending to stir the brew. They love to role-play!

Halloween vocabulary words include cat, witch, ghost, goblin, spider, haunted house, costumes and make-up.

We had lots of fun activities during our Exploration Time: we mixed food coloring in water containers and pretended to be mixing the witch´s brew.  Our little ones were delighted to make a witch´s hat using a Doradita cookie and covering an ice cream cone with chocolate frosting, adding sprinkles and finally, the final touch, gummy worms! Another one of their favorite activities was making the spider, using Oreo cookies, pretzel sticks and Nutella! Finally, some of our students offered to dress up using several costumes that were brought to them and acting out getting ready for Halloween.

Creativity Class is one of their favorites and this week they were quite busy: they made a spider monster, painting a paper plate yellow and blue making green, adding many, many eyes, a mouth and spider legs. They also made a witch using their hands prints to make the witches green body, their finders to paint the hair and decorated it with a hat some stamps and stickers!

Physical Education included lots of Halloween music for them to move, like The Witch Doctor, The Adam´s Family Song, I´m a Witch, Go Away! Song, using colored fabrics, hula-hoops, balls, maracas and shakers!

Story time was interesting for them since they were able to relate to these words learned during the week. Books such as  Mrs. Broom, The Teeny Tiny Ghost, Spiders, Spiders, everywhere, The Most Haunted House, & Halloween were read to them.

Our leaders for this week enjoyed bringing something from home to show and share with their classmates.

We are really looking forward in having our Cat Walk Parade next week. Please have your child come to school on Wednesday, the 26th with a costume.


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