Halloween is coming!

Halloween is coming!! This is why during the week we learned about it.

Vocabulary words such as pumpkin, cat, witch, hat, bat, jack o lantern and spider, have been reviewed during the school week.

They all learned it really fast since we have been reading Halloween books, and working on activities related to the topic. We even created a bubbly green witch potion using different materials. It was fun to have the students pour all of these into the potion.

We also played with Miss Cristy´s big fluffy spider which they really enjoyed. They had the opportunity to both touch it and sing different nursery rhymes: “Itsy Bitsy Spider” as well as “Five Creepy Spiders”.

Activities enjoyed by them to reinforce these concepts include: pasting orange stickers to a pumpkin drawing, handprints to make bony skeletons, coloring and using paint.

They also practiced their fine motor skills making pumpkin prints in art! We cut apples in half and with orange paint they made pumpkin prints. We also used string and purple paint for them to make a spider web. Some of the books we read to them this week included titles such as: “Plumply Dumply Pumpkin” and “Mrs. Broom!”. Its wonderful to see how much they like Story Time.

As you can see, the Busy Bees are enjoying all the fun activities prepared for them everyday!

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Dany & Ms. Roby

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