Growing in the Kindergarden…

We started introducing the spring season with new vocabulary words such as: rain, rainbow, sun, clouds, umbrellas and boots. We made important observations like how clouds change their color and shape with the weather, and how we dress different depending on the weather.

The Big Bears learned how to plant bean seeds.They learned that a plant needs water, sun and air in order to grow. They have been observing the steps in growing plants.

They learned the following song:


Plant, plant, plant your seeds

in a long straight row

water them and watch them

as they grow!

During Circle Time, they also learned songs such as: Growing and In Our Garden (by Raffi) about planting, gardens, and growing

During creativity the kids learned the parts of a flower. That each one has a stem, leaves, and petals.

Next week, we will introduce worms and bugs. The Big Bears will learn to recognize the different types of insects and their habitats.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Caya & Miss Karen

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