Grandpa’s Farm!

This week in exploration, our turtles enjoyed playing with barns and plastic & plush animals, making farm puzzles and having lots of fun with their farm animals bowling game. Turtles keep watering their bean, and it’s beginning to sprout. They love watching it grow day by day!

During creativity time, children finished their farm project, making hand prints to simulate farm animals. They handled all kinds of materials to make their farm animals, such as pipe cleaners, tissue paper, glue, paint, and markers. Kids were super excited reviewing the “pigs” theme, for which they made a mixture of instant chocolate pudding and milk. They used a whisk to make their “mud” and they were given some spoons with piggy tales (pink pipe cleaners) so they could pretend they were pigs playing in the mud. Today they made a duck, drawing a beak and eye, and pasting it on top of a paper plate with a shredded paper texture that simulated a pond.

Physical development was all about dancing fun songs about the farm, kids especially loved one called “The Little Chick Cheep” they couldn’t stop moving around and dancing to the beat of the song. I’m sharing the video with you so you can play it for your kids at home.

Books we read this week: “Funny fingers farm animals”, “Hide and seek farm”, “Five little ducks”, “Noisy barn”, and “The farm book”.

Vocabulary words: Rooster, hen and chicks/ Sheep, pig/ Ducks, turkeys/ Grandpa’s farm/ Introduce Spring: Rain, sun, clouds (umbrella & boots) Rainbow (review colors).

Next week vocabulary words: Easter bunny/ making baskets/ coloring eggs/ hide, seek and find.

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