Grandpa´s Farm

This week we have continued talking about the farm.  Our Terrific Tigers had a blast learning all about farm animals. The vocabulary words learned this week were: rooster, hen, chicks, sheep, pig, ducks, turkeys. They also learned about Grandpa´s Farm and everything in it and finally, on Friday, we talked about growing plants.

During Exploration Time they got a chance to play with different farm plush animals. They danced to farm songs as they pointed out the animals and made animal sounds. They also played with many farm puzzles. They even got to bowl with a farm animal bowling pin set.

In Creativity Class, the kids  are creating a farm of their own . They have stamped their hand print to make a hen, a cow , sheep , and a duck. They also used their  foot print to make a pig.

During Physical Development, the kids enjoyed dancing with hoola hoops and throwing and catching balls. We danced to and galloped to songs such as “Cotton Eyed Joe,” “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” “Grandpa’s Farm,” and the “Chick Cheep.”

Circle Time has also been a lot of fun!  The Tigers loved wearing masks and making animal sounds.

Stories read this week are the following: Guess Who Farm Friends, The Little Red Hen, One Sneaky Pig, A Very Funny Farm, Elmo & Abby Visit the Farm, Noisy Farm, and Who Will Help?

Our proud leaders this week were Andres, Emilia, Federico, Eva and David.  We all got to celebrate Mr. Mike and Miss Cristy´s birthday, both celebrated on April (12th & 9th). We all went outside and saw them blow out the candles, while all the students sang the Happy Birthday tune for them. They each got their special crown, and Miss Cristy brought cupcakes to share with everyone! The kids really enjoyed celebrating their birthday with them!

It was so nice to have talked with you, parents, this week about the progress that your little ones have been experiencing with us. It is always  a pleasure to take some time and review important topics about your kids with you.

Next week we will be talking about planting, and introducing the insects.


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