Grandmother’s Visit!

This week was a very fun and different week for the Crawling Caterpillars´ class. We experienced a very special day with our students´ grandmothers. They made a spice vinegar bottle with their grandmothers and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. We wanted to thank all grandmothers and special family members for taking the time to come and share the morning with us. We all had a great time with them!

During the week we reviewed winter sea animals: baby beluga, wally the walrus and shamu the killer whale. The kids enjoyed reading, dancing and singing the baby beluga song. In our creativity class, the Caterpillars modeled a polar bear using a special clay and glitter. The children had the opportunity to touch ice and melt ice as a science project, too.

Next week we will welcome February with the following topics:
Tuesday:Love & Friendship: Valentine/ Friends
Wednesday: People in your Neighborhood: Rescue Team comes to kinder
Thursday: Garbage Collector
Friday: Review love & friendship, Baker

Here are a few pictures we took this week. We hope you enjoy them!

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