Grandmas visit Toddler Tree!

Tiny Turtles were very excited about Grandmas Day this week! On Thursday we had the pleasure of meeting our class grandmas, and they teamed up to make a cookie jar recipe with their grandchild. It was a little messy, but as you well know, kids love to get their hands into everything! We loved to see their happy faces and hope our grandmas had a fun time, too.


Exploration time is always a surprise for the kids. This week they got to do a sorting activity with socks and play with the nesting toys box. To make a review of our winter theme for the month students made some “snow dough” made out of corn starch, vegetable oil and glitter. Sensory boxes are always a big hit with our class, so we made a winter sensory box, with rice and cotton balls as snow. We gave our kids some plastic winter animals so they could roleplay in the arctic habitat.

20150130_111310Creativity time was the perfect class to go over the concepts learned in January. Children made a “polar bear” project, making a handprint with white paint and using cotton balls. They loved the igloo activities, on the first one they got to paste ice block stickers in the shape of an igloo, and the second one they used a sponge and white paint to stencil an igloo and the letter “I”. Another cool project our turtles enjoyed very much was  “the penguin”, painting the arms, beak, and feet.20150130_094949

Books we read this week: “Baby Beluga”, “Ten little fingers”, “I love you bear” and “Teddy bear, teddy bear, how do you do?”.

Vocabulary words: Review seasons/ winter & snow review/ winter clothing review/ forest animals review/ sea animals review.

Next week´s vocabulary words: Love / friendship: Valentine/ friends/ people in your neighborhood: rescue team comes to visit / garbage collector / review love, friendship and baker.

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