Grandma’s Day Celebration

Grandma’s Day was a great success and everyone had a blast mixing all the ingredients of our hand scrub. We had Isabella’s birthday on Monday and the Tiny Turtles ate cupcakes.Remember next we won’t have class on Monday, February 4th. The topics we will be covering: mailman, police officer, doctor, nurse and baker.

In our creative department, this week we are going to work with the following:

  • Techniques: cutting, painting, pasting, drawing, molding, mixing, baking, squeezing
  • Media: glue, construction paper, pon pons, clean pipes, scissors, wooden sticks, cup cake mix, food coloring
  • Concepts: fast and slow, above under, be careful
  • Vocabulary: love, heart, mail, doctor, community helpers, cupcake, red, pink, red, star, diamond

Here are some recent pictures of our classroom activities:

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