Going to the Market!

The Tigers learned all about going to the market this week. They had lots of fun!

On Thursday, we went to visit  Wal Mart, where the kids explored and picked produce.  They were given cards with pictures of different fruits and vegetables and they had to go around this section of the store and look for the one they had in their cards, of course with the help of their mommys, daddys or grandmothers. Mrs. Maricusa also showed them some fish and a real octopus which got a lot of funny reactions!

This week has been all about Thanksgiving and explaining to them the meaning of sharing and taking care of each other. We have explained to them the real meaning of Thanksgiving celebration and they are able to identify the characters, such as indians, pilgrims and the activities they did together, such as hunting, fishing and farming. They love to role play being these charactes and they have also listened to different kinds of music related to this important celebration.

In Creativity Class they have been working on an Indian headdress and they also created Indian girls and Indian boys, using the palm of their hands and their fingers!

Our leaders this week have enjoyed bringing items in their surprise bag and they love to show what is inside them!

Next week is our official Thanksgiving celebration at Toddler Tree. On Wednesday, November 25th the Tigers will have many activities related to this important date and will be able to be a part of the traditional feast which includes turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and of course, pumkin pie!  Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th will be a Holiday, so our Toddler Tree kinder will be closed.

Enjoy your weekend with your beautiful little ones! We are looking forward in seeing you back in school on Monday!


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