Getting Ready For School

This week we went over all the topics about school and friends. The Tiny Turtles enjoyed “riding” a school bus and singing “The Wheels on the Bus.” They got to learn about their teachers, a school box full of items, the chalkboard, and everything else involving their school.

We went over the different school supplies the kids use. For example: They explored using scissors, crayons, and markers during exploration.

During creativity, the kids got to use glue and paint. They started working on next week´s project which is a school bus.

While the kids enjoyed their recess, we also helped the Tiny Turtles practice walking up and down a ramp and also climbing stairs and crossing bridges.

During Story time, we read books such as “Getting Ready for School”, “Going to School”, and “Elmo Goes to School.”

We are looking forward to next week when we will be reviewing everything we learned in the month of September. We are excited to start October! Halloween is just around the corner!




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