Getting ready for Halloween!

Halloween is almost here! Tiny turtles were very excited with this week’s topics, spooky and fun themes with exploration activities such as a ghost made out of shaving cream and glue, a spider cookie, color mixing witches brew, and a witch’s hat food craft. We also pretended to be a mummy, kids loved it!

In our creativity class with Miss Cristy, our class made all kinds of cool projects, like a broom made out of corn husks, a spider using black pipe cleaners, a ghost made with each child´s footprints and a Halloween poster made out of different objects that represent this holiday.

During physical development, the kids tried on different costumes, including witches hats, ghosts outfits, and played around with brooms to pretend they were flying around the moon like a witch. They had lots of fun playing in our obstacle course haunted house and doing the skeleton dance, everybody moved their bones to the beat of the music!

Vocabulary words: Cat, witch, ghost, goblin, spider, haunted house, costumes, makeup.

Next week vocabulary words: jack-o-lantern, pumpkin, trick or treat, candy, costumes, Halloween review.

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