Getting “In Shape”

This week our main topics were shapes: triangle, circle, square, rectangle and oval. We introduced these topics using flashcards, shape toys, boards and different items around the classroom  – windows, doors, cubbies. It’s so cool to see the kids are beginning to identify shapes all over the place!

Our creativity class helped reinforce these topics with projects that also help develop their fine motor skills. The kids used sponges and toilet paper rolls to print circles on paper. They had so much fun! We also used tongs to sort pom poms by color. They really enjoy this activity!

Circle Time is always exciting! This week, Mr. Mike showed us how to dance to the song “Let’s Do The Numbers Rumba” and the children loved it!

Another song they really enjoy dancing to is “One Little Finger”. It helps review the different parts of the body.

The Tiny Turtles worked on their gross motor skills this week using balls (to review circle) and bean bags (to review square).

As you may already know, on Wednesday October 31st, we will be having our “Vintage Halloween” party and parade. We would like to encourage you to start looking for costumes so your child can participate. Try to find simple costumes for their own comfort. If possible, use make up instead of a mask, so it won’t obstruct their sight.

Our topics for next week will be: Primary and Secondary Colors and also we will learn about Christopher Columbus for Columbus Day!

Have a nice weekend!

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