Fun At The Beach!!!

Busy Bees have loved exploring this new topic of the week about Fun at the Beach!! They were so exited to play with sand, sunglasses, sunscreen, sailboats, surfboards, bike, snorkeling gear and we also reviewed some sea creatures. They can now identify lots of them.

In Creativity the kids really enjoyed working with paint, sand, glue, fingerprints, crayons, paint brushes, and foot prints. This project involved painting blue with watercolors, simulating the ocean, they also explored sand and they paste it with glue on the paper and finally they included some goldfish crackers. It was a great project. They were also happy to color a sailboat using crayons. And a beach ball using paint and finger prints.

During circle time, Mr. Mike had a surprise for the Bees. Surfing boards for everyone!!! He played a beach song and we went surfing. They really enjoyed it.

In Physical Development, the kids had fun dancing to “The Baby Shark” song. And running around, jumping and rolling on the cushions.

Stories we read this week: Row your Boat, A Fish out of the water, Under the Sea, The Very Silly Shark and A Potty for Me!!! During this last book everyone surprised me with their attention. They were listening carefully and loved following along, some of them felt identified and showed us that they don’t wear a diaper any more.

Don’t forget your pajamas on Thursday, our last day of Kinder!!!


Miss Roby

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