Fun at the Beach

Summer is almost here, and this week we had a fun filled subject… The beach. We showed the kids new vocabulary words like sand, water, ocean, sea, shells, crab, sunglasses, surfing, and sun block.

During exploration, the kids got to enjoy a sensory box full of sand and coins they had to find. They really enjoyed picking out sea shells as well.

In art, the kids used playdoh to make different sculptures. They also really enjoyed mixing paint to make different colors.

Recess was especially fun this week because the sand boxes are out and the kids really enjoy playing in them. they like to fill cups and pour the sand from one cup to another.

During Physical development, the Tigers went “Rolling down the Sand Hills” to the famous Wiggles song. They also enjoyed dancing to the song “Dancing in the Sand” by the Wiggles as well. Of course, they did not get enough of the “Crab Dance” from last week and “Baby Shark” So we also danced to those songs, too.

We look forward to next week, when school is almost out, and we will be closing the year with a Fun Filled Water party! Get those swimsuits ready!

A BIG congratulations to Pablo and Ro who celebrated their graduation ceremony on Wednesday. We are going to miss you at Toddler Tree.


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