Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins, Grains… food!

During this week our Terrific Tigers have continued talking about food. It is interesting to see how quickly they learn the names of the different types of food we have seen! It has been easy for us to identify which one is their favorite!

In order to reinforce this vocabulary, our students have been working hand on hand with certain items during Creativity Class. They finished a bean, lentil and oats cornucopia, feeling and mixing different textures in these ingredients. We also painted rice in different colors by placing rice in a a plastic bag and adding some alcohol and paint. Their favorite part was shaking the bags and seeing the rice turn a new color! To finish, we layed the colored rice out to dry.  Next, we worked with cooked spaghetti, stirring it around with paint and shaving cream and dumped this colored pasta on a piece of paper allowing it to dry. Having them see and feel these different kinds of food made it easier for them to learn the names of them. Our favorite activity was making tortillas! We made masa and pressed tortillas carefully cooking them on a griddle and finally eating them with butter and salt. Mmmmm…

During our Physical Education class our students have started to practice for our Christmas program festival! Having our little ones learn the steps to the music is done a long time in advance in order for them to learn them well!

Our Tigers have enjoyed listening to stories that are related to food and about sharing. Listening to music on these themes has also been a favorite for them!

We will have a short week since Monday, the 16th is a holiday! We are planning on visiting the supermarket next week, too. Information about this event will be provided to you shortly…

We wish you a long and restful weekend with your little ones at home. We are looking forward to seeing you again next week!

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