Fruits and Veggies… Food and Fall

This week the Tiny Turtles started learning about fruits and vegetables. You might hear some of your little ones saying apple or banana, and that´s probably because they learned the classic song “Apples and Bananas.”

During our exploration time, the Tiny Turtles were exposed to different toy fruits and vegetables. They played with the fake veggies, and even played in the kitchen pretending to “chop” some food.

During Teacher time, we handed out different foamy fruits and the kids were able to group them with a picture of the fruit or vegetable.

In Physical Development, the kids had a lot of fun dancing to songs like “Jump in the Soup,” “Fruit Salad,” and “Victor Vito.” They also had a blast playing “Hot Potato.”

On Friday, we also pulled out the cushions for the kids to climb. They really liked crawling through the tunnel and climbing up the stairs. They love playing in there and it helps a lot in their gross motor skills!

We´re really going to get more and more into food next week, so we hope your kids are “hungry” to learn. Also, we are very excited to soon be celebrating Thanksgiving, but for now, we are thankful to have your little ones in our class.



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