Fruits And Vegetables Are Here!

This week, we started with a new and fun topic for the Busy Bees to learn! We talked about fruits and vegetables, such as: apple, banana, orange, and lemon, carrot, broccoli, onion, potatoes, tomatoes and green peas. We also introduced them to several dairy products, like: milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and eggs.

During class, they had the opportunity to taste and explore some of these different foods.

In Creativity, we worked on our fine motor skills by making apple stamping. Also, we made a rainbow out of fruit and a smiley face using jicama, carrots, raisins and tomatoes. Our Bees had tons of fun creating a color-changing, milk science experiment. They really enjoyed it!

Next week we will have our Thanksgiving Feast on Wednesday. Please remember there is no need to send lunch, we will have lots of food for the kiddos to eat!

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

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