This week we learned about different kinds of transportation. The Caterpillars learned vocabulary words such as “police car”, “firetruck”, “airplane” and “sailboat”.

Exploration was super fun, the kiddos played with a farm house. They also played in a fire station and with little cars over a street map carpet. They really enjoyed it!

During Creativity, the little ones made a fire. They pasted red, yellow and orange cellophane on contact paper. They also made a sailboat out of pretzel sticks, cheese and apple. Yummy!

This week we had the rescue team and fire fighters visit Toddler Tree. The Caterpillars really enjoyed watching them show us the equipment they use. Their favorite part was hearing the siren!

Next week we will be learning about Spring, covering topics like rainbows, planting, and growing.

We want to remind you that our Easter Party is coming up soon. If it´s possible please to collect and send as many eggshells as you can. We appreciate your help very much!

Have a nice week!

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