Firefighters and Dentist come to visit!

This was a very exciting week full of surprise visits! Our Terrific Tigers enjoyed learning about the different community helpers, such as firefighters,construction workers and dentists!

The highlight of the week for our little ones was our visit from the Firefighters! The kids really enjoyed the visit as they got to see the fire truck and watched Miss Karen dress up as a firefighter!  Some of our toddlers wanted to dress up as well, and they got the opportunity to wear these special outfits! The most exciting moment was probably when the kids got to spray water with the fire hose and hear the different sirens the firetruck makes!

In Creativity Class, our students had a great time making their firefighter finger family! It was exciting for them to see how their hand print slowly and with the addition of new decorations became a firefighter!

In Physical Development they also enjoyed acting out the song “Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck.” We had a little firetruck the kids carried around, turned the corner, climbed a ladder, and sprayed the hose.

Books read this week include: Arthurs valentine, Cliffords first valentine, Mickey Mouse´s Book, Mr. Charlie andThe Fireman´s Friend!

Our leaders for this week were Jax, Gabriel, Pipe and Emilia!

Overall, it was  week full of magic and fun! We hope the Tigers have great memories of this wonderful experience. Till next week… Happy Friday, everyone!!!

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