February Week 4

What an amazing trip to space! Big Bears learned how an astronaut floats in space. How he/she is hooked to a hose and explores it as well as the things they have discovered that help us.

Next month we will start learning about the Farm, Spring and Easter.We will begin with farm and all the wonderful things that come from planting and know how farm animals also help us.

Big Bears will have the chance to plant a seed and watch it grow with the help of the sun and water, with this activity they will have magical memories.

Please make sure all of your child´s sweaters and jackets are labeled to avoid mix-ups. Also, we kindly ask you to not send toys or other distractions to school.

If it is possible please start collecting as many eggshells as you can. We would really appreciate your help very much for the Easter Parade that is coming soon!

Thank you  and have a great weekend!!

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