February Week 4

This week we had three different centers: First we had a beauty salon and barber shop. The girls were very excited looking at all different nail polishes, eye brow colors, make-up, gloss, curlers, hair dryer and flat iron. Wow! they wanted everything. You should have seen their faces. And the boys applied shaving cream using tongue depressers to “shave”. They would say: “Yo no tengo bigotes ni barba!”. They also wanted “gel” to have a new hair style look. Next, they went to the post office. Here Big Bears ¬†had the chance to write a letter to their dearest ¬†parents experiencing the different techniques and learning how to stamp using real envelopes. Oh! They couldn’t believe all the things they needed to do in order to send one. In the last activity they were able to explore a real pizza shop were they baked excellent cheese pizzas. They were delicious!!!.

Song tune ” Take me out to the Ball Game”

Take me out to the Airport

Take me up to the gate

Buy me a ticket to fly so high!

I want to fly through the big open sky!!!

Next week we will introduce the farm with all its elements.

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