February Week 3

We had a great time learning about the different types of transportation: air, water and land. Big Bears expressed themselves with enthusiasm throughout the week. They also were able to identify different sounds each vehicle makes.

Big Bears learned a new rhyme called “Zoom, zoom, zoom”

Zoom, zoom, zoom

We are going to the moon!

Zoom, zoom, zoom

We´ll get there very soon!

5 4 3 2 1 0


The kids were very excited by the FireFighters visit. They were really impressed by their performance. All of them had the chance to see how Miss Efo and Miss Mely role played wearing the complete firefighter suit which weighs around 35 kilos!! Watching how they performed made us conscious of the great effort these community helpers do in keeping us safe! They also took turns holding the water hose, experiencing the sensation of pouring a large amount of water.

Big Bears enjoyed making their edible sailboat. They had a lot of fun with Ms. Cristy’s help. And at Circle time with Mr. Mike, they had a great time rowing their boats learning how to use an oar.

Next week besides reviewing community helpers and transportation we also learn about space and our solar system.

Have a fun weekend !   :)))

Ms. Caya & Maria Elena

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