February Week 2

We had a great time learning about community helpers: such as doctors & nurses, construction workers and dentist. Big Bears expressed themselves with enthusiasm throughout the week. They also role played being different community helps having lots of fun.

During creativity with Ms. Cristy they experienced different activities such as making a doctor´s kit, brushing and cleaning a smile they found pasted to our tables using a real toothbrush and toothpaste. They also had a lot of fun making a smiling apple denture using apple slices, frosting and white marshmallows.

This Friday our Valentine´s Party was a blast! Bears had the chance to share all the candies and valentine cards that each one brought. They also learned a valentines rhyme:

Color Valentines

“Red Paper

Blue Paper

Crayons and glue

I´m making a valentine and one is for you”

We also had the opportunity to receive Mr. Mike dressed as a mailman delivering valentines to all our Big Bears. They had fun in the Post Office with Ms. Cristy and in the Fire Station with Miss Mely. You should have seen their expressions… they were so excited! Please ask them to tell you about it.

Next week we will introduce different types of transportation: land, water and air.

 Have a great weekend!

Ms. Caya & Miss María Elena

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