Farm Animals

During this week our Terrific Tigers have been learning about farm animals. They are now able to identify them, and recognize the different sounds each of these animals make. During Circle Time they have been role playing these animals, and have enjoyed that very much! In our Art class we have been working on a farm animal: the  pig…..we have taken several days since the kids are using several techniques to work on it such as painting, cutting, pasting. Most of our students were able to associate our “cowboy” vocabulary word to “Woody” from Toy Story! We also had a  fun week since we had two super kids!! Diego Acosta had his birthday celebration on Monday and his mom brought cupcakes. On Friday, Regina Marcos also had her birthday celebration at our kinder and her mom  brought cupcakes to school!  Next week we will start to talk about our next season: Spring! We would like to remind you to please collect egg shells for us. In April we will have our Easter party and the kids really enjoy painting and decorating their egg shells and then searching for them. You can bring them to school in your childs’ lunchbox. We would like to remind you that we have a holiday on Monday, so we will resume school on Tuesday! Please enjoy your long weekend!

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