Farm Animal Fun

This week the Terrific Tigers had a blast learning all about Farm animals. In exploration they got a chance to play with stuffed animals. They dance to farm songs as they pointed out the animals and made animal sounds. They also played with many farm puzzles. They even got to bowl with a farm animal bowling pin set.

In art, the kids got to create a farm of their own with a chicken (hand print) and pig (foot print). They added chicks with a cork. They also made some hay you can find in the barn. They also added a cute little pond to the mix, where their duck can splash around.

In physical development, the kids enjoyed dancing with hoola hoops and throwing and catching balls. We danced to and galloped to songs such as “Cotton Eyed Joe,” “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” “Grandpa’s Farm,” and the “Chick Cheep.”

During circle time, the Tigers loved wearing masks and making animal sounds. Mr. Mike even got to play the sheep (you can see himĀ in the pictures on Facebook).

The story the kids liked the most this week was probably “Mrs. Wishy Washy.” Some of them got to role play and jump in the “tub” to take a bath. The leader got to scrub them and make sure they were “clean.”

We’re looking forward to next week, when we will be learning all about Easter, the Easter Bunny, and Easter eggs! Don’t forget to bring in as many eggs as possible to have a fun Easter egg hunt.


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