Fall is Here!

This was a week full of fun and learning!!

We started the week learning about different lines, zigzag and straight lines. For this topic we had an activity where they played with toy cars and the roads were straight lines and zigzag lines, they enjoyed it so much.

We also reviewed shapes with a song from “Super Simple Songs” they had to look on the floor for some shapes around the classroom and stand on the correct one, according to the song.

We also learned about trees and leaves. They traced falling leaves and also pasted them on top of the tree trunk. This was an activity that required concentration and spatial orientation.

They really enjoyed circle time because Mr. Mike had an activity were each one of them had the opportunity to throw leaves to the sky and at the same time practice the different colors.

For art class, their fine motor skills were needed to color, spray water, stamp and cut.

Finally story time has been so much fun! The kids love to see and touch the different props we prepare for each story.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Dany and Miss Roby

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