Everyday is a Rainbow of Colors!

March is here, and with this month we have a brand new theme: Spring and Easter, There’s a lot to learn about the season, Tiny turtles are loving it!

We got to introduce this week’s topics with fun activities in our Exploration time, like the “coffee filter umbrellas”, “cotton clouds” mirror project, and the “Seed, plant & growing” activity. Turtles set a bean with moistened cotton inside a clear cup, so they can watch it grow over days time. One of their favorite topics of the week was “Rainbow” the love to review its colors and sing songs about it.

In our Creativity department with Miss Cristy kiddos made a “rain window” using trays, blue paint, glue and a dropper. They absolutely loved the “Rain cloud experiment” in which we used a see through container filled with water, and on top we put some shaving cream. Kids used a dropper with some water and blue food coloring to pour some of this mix on top of the shaving cream (clouds) so they could see some “rain”.

We would like to remind you of our Easter Party (Wednesday March 16th) and the need to collect eggshells, it’s important to clean and send them with your child at your earliest convenience.

Have a nice weekend!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen

Books we loved this week: “Zug the Bug’s” Big Book/ “Busy Bugz Munch, Crunch”/ “Hippo says Yawn”/ “Bluebird’s Nest”/ “Hugs for you”

Video of the week: Baby Einstein’s “Baby Monet”

Movie of the week: “A Bug’s Life”

Vocabulary words: Introduce Spring/ Rain – Umbrella- Boots/ Sun- Clouds- Plant a seed/ Wind & Water/ Rainbow- Review colors.

Our topics for next week will be: Easter Bunny/ Making Baskets/ Coloring Eggs/ Hide-Seek-Find/ Role play Easter Bunny.








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