Ee I Ee I Ohhh!

We celebrated Alex’s birthday! This little guy turned 2 today. His Mommy and Daddy brought sandwiches, chips and cupcakes to share with his friends. (Thank you!) Miss Cristy made a super special birthday crown for Alex, and she carried him to take him on a magic rocket ride! What a fun day!

This week we started with a new topic: The Farm. The Tiny Turtles are super excited with this topic. They love the farm animals and learning more about them every day.

In Exploration time we had a lot of fun playing with plastic and plush farm animals. The kids also enjoyed watching corn pop into popcorn.

During Physical Development, we introduced songs like “Grandpa’s Farm”, “Old McDonald”, “I know a chicken”, and “Cotton Eyed Joe.” We used shaky eggs and also the kids woe cowboy hats. They loved it!

In creativity we started our farm project. The kids are making a big farm using different materials. They’ve already used blue paint to make the sky. They glued some cotton on it to make clouds and also painted a circle for the sun. For the grass, the Tiny Turtles put pasta in a bag with green paint and squished it around to paint it.

The kids also made a red barn made of a box of cereal. They used paint and a brush to paint the barn. We will be finishing up the farm next week.

We hope you like it!

Have a nice weekend!


Miss Mely, Nadia, Dany and Roby

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