Easter Party!

What a fun week! Turtles were looking forward for their Easter party and parade, and it was full of fun, games, and excitement. We loved seeing our tiny turtle’s faces having a blast and enjoying the Easter egg hunt. Thank you all for attending!

In creativity time with Miss Cristy turtles were hands on with the main activity of our Easter parade & party, preparing our Easter eggs! Kids painted them using vinegar and food coloring, dipping them in this solution with the help of strainers. Once they dried off, children filled them with confetti and pasted a piece of paper on top to close them up. Kids enjoyed every second of these activities, they were really into it!

In Exploration time kids liked the bottles and straws activity, as well as “rehearsing” for the egg hunt by picking some Easter plastic eggs and placing them in baskets. Today they decorated an Easter egg using the tip of their fingers or straws and paint.

Today was our last day of school before our Easter Break! Classes will resume on Monday April 4th. We hope you have a super fun time with your little ones! See you in two weeks!

Miss Judy & Miss Karen


Books we loved this week: “Juguemos a los opuestos”/ “Barney’s Easter Basket”/ “Hop along bunny”/ “Hello Bunny“/ “Here Come’s Peter Cottontail”

Video of the week: Toddler Tree’s Easter party 2015

Vocabulary words: Parade- trike- bike- ride/ Review Easter- wind- kites/ Review Spring/ Review Easter

Next week vocabulary words: The Farm: farmer- crops- animals/ Farm vocabulary: Barn- fence- pond- hay- field/ Farm Foods: Planting & growing- corn- beans/ Farm Foods: Milk- eggs- butter/ Introduce Farm Animals: Cow- horse


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