Easter Party

What a fun week! Turtles were looking forward to their Easter party and parade, and it was full of fun, games, and excitement. We loved seeing our student’s faces having a blast and enjoying the egg hunt. Thank you all for attending! We really enjoyed the parade and all the amazing decorated cars.

During creativity time the kids experienced painting outside. They were really into it this fun activity!

Also this week, we painted some pasta with red paint all of this in order to make a kite. We learned new techniques such as brushing glue and pasting tissue paper. Our turtles are loving the process of making art.

In Exploration time kids were surprised with an Easter video we used to review this topic as well as spring. They role played what the story was about with plush bunnies, Easter eggs and carrots.

Today was our last day of school before our Easter Break! Classes will resume on Monday April 9th.  We hope you have a super fun time with your little ones! See you in two weeks!


Miss Nadia



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