Easter Celebration

The Rainbow Easter Parade was the highlight of this week. The Terrific Tigers really enjoyed the party we had for them at the park. They brought cars and tricycles with beautiful and fun Easter decorations. They were a sight to see! (Thanks to all the parents who made it all possible!)

The Egg hunt and crackin’ was also a blast. The kids enjoyed cracking their eggs on their mothers and other friends. The sandwiches and cupcakes were delicious. Overall, a success!

A lot of the work was also done by the Tigers. During art, they painted all the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt. They also filled them with confetti and glued tissue paper on them to close them.

During class time, the Terrific Tigers also prepared for the big event by practicing the egg hunt. They also role played as the Easter Bunny during Circle Time. They liked dancing to songs like “The Bunny Hop”, “Sleeping Bunnies”, and “The Boogie Walk” (The bunny hop).

We hope you all enjoy your spring break vacation. When we come back, the Tigers will be learning all about creepy crawly insects and many other animals and pets. We will miss you, and look forward to see the kids faces after vacation. Enjoy! Happy Easter!


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