Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town!

This week was dedicated to Easter vocabulary: bunny, eggs, hop, hide, seek, find and basket. The kids found many bunnies and colorful eggs all around the classroom and the bulletin board.

During Circle Time, Mr. Mike introduced an Easter Bunny to us and we played many different games with him. One of the activities was wearing Bunny ears and hiding eggs in the gym. The Tiny Turtles enjoyed these activities so much.

In Physical Development, we listened to many songs related to Easter and danced to them. Turtles absolutely love the Bunny Hop song and danced to it with joy. They also love the B-U-N-N-Y version of B-I-N-G-O song and it’s a good opportunity for them to learn the letters while dancing to it.

The art projects we made this week were very cute and everybody enjoyed making them. Especially making the foot prints that turned out to be bunnies and also adding finger prints as flowers.

Next Wednesday, April 10th we will have the Easter Parade at the Sierra Madre Park. Can’t wait to see you all there! It will be so much fun! We have many activities prepared for the kiddos.

Have a great week!

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