E-I-E-I-O Adventures

Next week we will be having our Children’s Day Party on Tuesday, April 30. If you could please send your kids in jeans and a white top and sneakers it would be great! Kids only have to bring a thermos with water. Snacks will be provided by April room mothers. As a reminder, there will be no classes on Wednesday, May 1st.

To start off the month of May, we will also be introducing the theme of jungle animals and working on our Mother’s Day Gifts and Program.

In our creative department, this week we are going to work with the following:

  • Techniques: painting, stamping, hand print, footprint, pasting, cutting, mixing, coloring, shaking, spreading.
  • Media: paint, craft paper, canvas, salt, glue
  • Concepts:  in and out, up and down, stop and go, mix, spread, pinch
  • Vocabulary: children, farm, barn, hay, farm animals, hat, milk

Here are some recent pictures of our classroom activities:

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