Down on the Farm

This week we celebrated Marian’s birthday! This little girl turned 2 today. Her Mommy and Daddy brought some cupcakes to share with her friends. (Thank you!) Miss Mely made a super special birthday crown for Marian, too. What a fun day!

We started with a new topic: The Farm. The Tiny Turtles are super excited with this topic. They love the farm animals and learning more about them every day.

In Exploration time we had a lot of fun playing with plastic and plush farm animals. The kids also enjoyed watching corn kernels pop in the air popper.

In creativity we painted using trucks and brown paint pretending to be mud. Kiddos enjoyed experimenting with different materials. Also they painted a paper plate with yellow and pasted some coffee beans to make a sun flower. This week turtles tried for the first time to use scissors and they did a super good job!

Also this week we celebrated Mr. Mike’s birthday and kids had a blast with the piñata and collecting candies.

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