This week was dedicated to delicious fruits, veggies and famous food, like hamburgers and spaghetti. Turtles learned many new words, such as: apple, banana, lemon, grapes and many more.  Not only did we learn vocabulary, but we also played with plastic food toys and talked about some of the food that you sent for their lunch! Thank you!

During Physical Development, we were dancing to the “Apples and Bananas” song, learning about English vowels at the same time. We are also preparing for our Thanksgiving Feast next week, so we are listening to songs about Turkeys and Soup – “The Turkey Hop” and “I Feel Crazy So I Jump In The Soup”.Turtles really like to dance to these songs!

During Circle Time, we also learned about the different food we will be having for our Thanksgiving Feast with a song by the Learning Station.

The kiddos made a few fun crafts this week. We cut apples and lemons in half and made fruit prints. We also used our little footprints to make a carrot and broccoli. They turned out so lovely! Also, the Turtles loved using different materials to make their own burger. It looked really cool!

We also did an experiment this week! Miss Uge used milk and food colouring to show us some beautiful ornaments! After that we tried some bread with butter and cheese sticks, that Camila’s mom brought for us! It was so yummy! Thank you!

This week was Annalía’s Birthday and we got to meet Ariel, The Little Mermaid. She read a book about ten little fish for us! It was so much fun! We sang Happy Birthday songs and shared the cupcakes together. Happy Birthday, Annalía! Thank you for sharing with us!

Next week we will celebrate Thanksgiving on Wednesday, Nov 14th. Please remember there is no need to send a lunch, there will be plenty of food for our kiddos during the Thanksgiving Feast.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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