December Week 2

During this week we started working with Christmas decorations. Big Bears had a great time using their skills. Also we practiced songs and rhymes for the Christmas program. They are eager to show you!  Listen to your Child !!!

Ho Ho Ho
Santa Claus bring many toys for

Little girls And little boys,

Ho ho ho

Santa Claus bring toys for me

And put them under the Christmas Tree !!!

 Ho ho ho

On Wednesday we had an extra-ordinary visit from the North Pole ” Santa Claus ” !!!!  Big Bears were very happy to see him ! And today, Friday  Big Bears were able to send their wishes on Magical Balloons that were sent to Santa’s workshop !
Big Bears are working on gifts for the family. They don`t need much help and seem very involved in the creative process. We have one more week full of fun, excitement and new developments.
Have a great weekend!!
Ms. Caya & Miss María Elena

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