December: ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

A new month is here! We are starting the month of December by introducing them to the special holiday and traditions for this season. Children will have the opportunity to explore holiday decorations and fun activities based on this month’s topics.

Tiny Turtles painted a Christmas tree, using crayons and then sponges with green paint. Candy Canes was another topic they really enjoyed, playing with cotton and feeling their soft texture. In order to learn about reindeer, especially Rudolph, children made a reindeer hat, in which the antlers were made with the outline of their hands. They also passed googly eyes and a red nose, and hand on hand we draw a big smile on Rudolph’s face.

With Miss Cristy, our turtles had a fun time playing with play dough and using some Christmas cutters. Paint was a big theme this week, kids got to make candy canes, made out of cardboard which they painted red. For the stripes of the candy canes turtles pasted some tape, they love to play with tape and its sticky texture. Kiddos got to watch how you can make green paint, by mixing blue and yellow, and then they painted their own Christmas tree.

For story time, this week tiny turtles were really excited about the book of “Rudolph the red nose reindeer” and “The talking Christmas tree”, they enjoyed looking at the pictures of the book, and looking around the classroom to find the same picture or figure, for example Santa Claus, a reindeer, star, Christmas gift, or stocking.

Have a nice weekend!

Vocabulary words: Santa, Christmas tree, ornaments, candy canes, reindeer, stockings, star and angel.

Next week vocabulary words:  Gifts, giving, toys, elves, Santa’s workshop and sleigh.

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