Creepy Crawlies!

We started this week with a new theme: bugs! For some interesting reason, they really like to hear about them! We talked about insects and they learned that they have six legs and three body parts. Spiders, however have 8 legs!

Vocabulary words seen this week include: ladybug, grasshopper, cricket, caterpillar, butterfly, ants, and anthill.  They were able to look at pictures of these bugs and get to see and “play” with toy bugs. One of the things they liked the best this week was talking about how a caterpillar comes from an egg, and eats and eats to get big and fat and then makes a “house” (cacoon) and having a butterfly come out of it is amazing for them! They really understood this concept! Some of our students enjoyed wearing butterfly wings and pretending they were butterflies!

Our Creativity Class was lots of fun as well… they have been practicing their open-close movements with training scissors and worked on their “bugs” project, using their fingerprints in order to make different bugs, such as ladybugs, bees, and made caterpillars, ants and grass and a blue sky. It turned out really cool!

During physical development they explored jumping through hoops and crawling through a  tunnel like ants. They hopped like grasshoppers to songs like “Grasshopper Hop” and “Bugs.” They marched into and out of the Gym class to the music of “The Ants go Marching”!

Stories read this week were Ten Little Ladybugs, Quick as a Cricket, The Very Hungy Caterpillar, Percival, the Plain Little Caterpillar, Busy Bugs, Munch Munch, The Ant and the Grashopper, The Icky Bug Alphabet Book.

Our leaders this week were Lilia María, Emilia and Federico.

Of course, how can we not mention our Childrnen´s Day Party! On Thursday we celebrated our little ones on their special day.  We had our normal routine activites until 10:30 and then we all went outside and had a nice picnic with the snacks and beverages provided by some of the moms. After this fun picnic time, there were several activities that the kids enjoyed in the playground. Making “mud with worms” , using chocolate pudding and Oreo cookies with gummy worms, which  was one of their favorite activites! Other activities included a piñata, swat the bees, water and sand, and a special “Zumba” lesson provided by Miss Mely! Most of the children liked this music and danced with us! Seeing our students happy is our greatest thrill! Congratulations to all of them on their special day!

We hope you have a very special nice and long weeked with your family. We are looking forward in seeing all of our students on Monday!

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