Creepy Crawlies!

This week has been an interesting one since the Terrific Tigers group has been learning a lot about bugs and insects. They have learned that these kinds of animals live outside, especially in the garden. They recognize bees, ladybugs, ants and butterflies. The kids have been seeing pictures of these bugs on a special poster and have been singing songs related to all of them. Our students have enjoyed listening to stories about these creatures, too! As a group activity, it was interesting to watch and see that they were able to assemble a giant puzzle together on the floor (with the help of the teachers) This puzzle was filled with pictures of may different types of bugs and they were able to identify most of them! As an art project they made their own lady bug.

We would like to remind you to please send eggshells with your child to school. We are getting ready for our Rainbow Parade Party, so the kids will be decorating and painting them for the egg hunt that will take place on that day.

I am looking forward to seeing each one of you on Thursday, April 3rd at our Parent-teacher conference.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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