Christmas spirit

The Tiny Turtles have been enjoying learning about Christmas. This week was so much fun for them! The kids are getting into that Christmasy spirit and learning about winter as well.

For Creativity, they made a Gingerbread Man and a Snow Globe with a snowman in it. The Turtles were also busy making decorations for “The Grand Christmas Rhapsody”. Everything is almost ready for the big day and the kiddos are very excited about it.

In Physical Development they enjoyed moving to different Christmas songs as well as practicing for the Christmas show. They are getting into it more and more every day.

Finally, for Story Time, everyone was so quiet and interested, paying attention to the different books we read in class. Reading about Santa Claus, his elves and reindeer, as well as role-playing with the different props was so much fun for them!

Eugenio was our Super Kid this week. His parents came to celebrate his birthday and brought a cool cake with a helicopter. Everyone was very excited about the cake and they sure enjoyed eating it! Thank you, Eugenio! Also, Turtles are starting to sing “Happy Birthday”, and some of them already remember the lyrics!

We want to remind you that “The Grand Christmas Rhapsody” show will take place next Tuesday, December 18, at Candy Gum. The time of arrival for kids is 9 am and parents arrive for the performance at 10.30.

Have a magical weekend and see you soon!

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