Christmas Is Near!

Our Busy Bees have been enjoying learning about Christmas. This week was so much fun for them!

In Exploration, we made a Santa using popcorn for his beard. The kids were fascinated watching them POP!

In Creativity, they played with white cotton balls and created a stocking . Everyone did a great job decorating it. Bees patiently glued the cotton balls in a straight line for the top of the sock. They had a great time!

In Physical Development kids enjoyed practicing some Christmas songs as well as the song for the Christmas festival. They are getting into it more and more every day.

Story Time was filled with exictement! We read about Santa Claus, his elves and reindeer. We also had role play time and they all felt part of the story.

Next week we will continue learning more about Christmas and on Wednesday Santa will be visiting us. We can’t wait!!

We hope you enjoy your weekend!

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