Christmas Is Almost Here

This week was a joyous one, as the Tiny Turtles got to perform on stage for the first time. They were wonderful! Congratulations to all!

Most of this week´s topics were all about Christmas.

During exploration, the kids got to feel some bags full of gel and Christmas items. They reviewed Christmas Tree, Star, Angel, and ornaments. They also got to explore and look at many different ornaments for the tree.

In Creativity, the Tiny Turtles mostly worked on the Christmas trees they made for Mom and Dad. They stuffed the paper into the wood and also glued the sparkly ornaments. We hoped you like how they turned out!

Today was a special day, as the kids got to send their balloons to the North Pole. They were all awed by how their balloons flew up, up into the sky. We hope Santa is able to get them something for Christmas.

Now we only have two more days of school and we are going to be even more into Christmas. Review Santa, Reindeer, Rudolph, and presents. We hope you have a wonderful Holiday season and want to remind you class will resume on January 5th.


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