Children’s Day “Big Top Carnival” 2014

We are excited to be resuming classes after this Spring Break on Monday, April 28. To start off on the right foot, on Wednesday (April 30) we will be celebrating Children’s Day with Big Top Carnival, a circus themed party for all our students. Kids only need to bring a thermos with water on that day, as the party host families will provide snacks and cake.

May is such an exciting month for us, too! Our theme is Incredible Animals. Topics of study include: jungle, zoo, water and neighborhood animals, their characteristics and environments.

Towards the end of the month, we will be presenting Greg & Steve’s Jam as an end of the year show. This will take place at Candy Gum party place. More information coming soon…

Please mark your calendars for your family isĀ invited to visit and share pets with our students during Pet Week, during the last week in May.

See you on Monday!!!

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