Caution: Kids Hard at Work!

This week’s community helper was firefighter, and on Wednesday three of them came to Toddler Tree in a big fire engine. All children were super excited to see them and their fire truck. We took some nice pictures for you; they’re on our facebook page.

Exploration time was filled with all sorts of fun activities, like playing with transportation toys, community helper’s puppets, transportation puzzles, role playing like firefighters with a collapsable fire truck and “hoses”, and playing with boats.

Tiny Turtles had a blast in Creativity with so much to do! In order to make a traffic light kids used cars, paintbrushes and stamps to paint craft paper using red, yellow and green paint. Turtles were delighted with their fire fighter and fire truck project, they made a handprint and footprint with red paint, and used stickers, red and black marker for the final touches. We also made some edible sailboats from apples and blueberry punch.

This week kids were full of energy, more than usual if that’s even possible! So we tried to remain very active during physical development, playing with the tunnel, parachute, making a cone circuit pretending to be airplanes and using rafts and oars pretending to be rowing a boat, just like the song!

Books we read this week: “Construction Zone!”, “Songs that GO!”, “Start your engines”, “Down by the Station”, “Firefighters” and “Trains, Boats and Planes”.



Vocabulary words: Introduce transportation/ Relate land vehicles to community helpers / Firefighters visit/ Air transportation/ Water transportation.


Next week vocabulary words: Review community helpers, review transportation, air transportation and water transportation.

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